what the LAdies Who Lunch COmmunity Is Saying



“On Fridays We Lunch is rockin!! So proud of you Rayla for creating this fun, informative, empowering way to bring women together! You are a rock star!!” – Gayle Sierens (Journalist, Activist, Philanthropist)

"Rayla: Thanks for having me to lunch.  What a pleasure to spend time with such a group of talented and energetic young women." - Liz Smith (CEO, Bloomin' Brands, Inc.)

“I had such a wonderful time being with these very smart, enlightened and lovely women. Rayla Bailey you are a visionary on a mission. Your ideas of building community and personal growth are extraordinary. I am honored to have been invited to join you and learn from these stunning women.” - Michelle Norris (President, Navigen Leadership) 

“What a pleasure to share a couple of hours with these fantastic Emerging Leaders!”– Rita Lowman (President, Pilot Bank)

“Rayla, this was by far the best “business lunch” I’ve ever been to. So much of what Liz Smith said resonated with me. She was confident, yet humble and an all around inspiring woman!! I also made great connections within the group of guests. Thanks so much for having me!!”– Alyssa Rhoads (Owner, Eventing Tampa Bay)

"An exceptional group of women who I found engaging and warm. I truly appreciated the opportunity. Rayla Bailey exemplifies a young woman who is not only embracing her journey but including many along the way to embrace theirs! Thankful and blessed to call her my friend. I look forward to future endeavors with each of you." - Lorraine Wiggins (Owner, Destinations and Beyond Travel LLC)

“Thank you for organizing Rayla … what an amazing experience! I learned so much today.” – Sophia Goode (Associate Financial Consultant, Charles Schwab)

“Thanks Rayla! I had so much fun meeting these inspiring women! Here's to #OnFridaysWeLunch continued success!!” – Lara D’Amico (Real Estate Investment Specialist, Paci Realty)

“Seriously, such a blast and I learned so much from Penny Parks, my notes are full! Thank you Rayla for this opportunity to be part of this group, this knowledge will last me a lifetime. #OnFridaysWeLunch” – Chelsea Drinkard (Commercial Real Estate Agent, Office Space Brokers)

“Congrats to Rayla Bailey for hosting yet another inspiring ‘On Friday's We Lunch’ event. You are a visionary for the community and it will be great to see what's next!  Thank you so much for putting this together. Such a wonderful, provoking conversation!” – Gioia Harman (Marketing Communication Planner, Wellcare Health Plans)

“I love leaving a conversation feeling more knowledgeable and/or aware than when I entered it! It really recharges the batteries, and makes it impossible to stay stagnant. Thank you for your time today Ana Cruz! And Rayla, I appreciate the invitation! Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail is noticed and appreciated! #womenwholead #powerconnectors” - Ashley Ehrman (Consultant and Blogger, MyContracorriente) 

“This was such a great part of my Friday.” – Jessica Muroff (CEO, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida)